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Cashew Butter Noodle Salad ??☀️?

Cashew butter noodle salad ??☀️?
A bowl of sunshine to brighten Friday!
What a combination this was!
A Nutty and creamy dressing with a mix of soft and crunchy veg is just perfect.

For the dressing
1tbsp cashew butter
1tbsp boiling water
Squeeze of lime
Salt to taste

Cook the noodles (I used edamamoe) and set aside

Stir fry baby corn, brocolli, sugar snap peas, red cabbage, bean sprouts and pak Choi in a little soy sauce and water

Squeeze lime over carrot ribbons, sprialised courgette, cucumber and peppers

Serve everything up with the dressing drizzled over and roasted cashews

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