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? Let’s Face It… It You’re Providing A Diverse Menu

? Let’s face it… It you’re providing a diverse menu to your child every week, you’re having to buy a LOT of ingredients that go bad before they’re consumed. Storing purées in the fridge until it’s time to toss them out has never been a good investment.

? Tiny Roots delivers your baby’s meals twice per week so that you always have FRESH food that is READY-TO-EAT with ZERO waste.

? Our team has been trained and certified in food handling, making our production as safe as possible. Our baby food is made in a commercial kitchen and is temperature controlled from production to delivery. You never have to worry about waste, storage or spoiling again!

?Head over to our Reels and tap “HOW TO ORDER” for instructions on how to place your orders for delivery next Sunday, 10/24.?

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