Moringa Health Benefits ?

Moringa Health Benefits ?

Moringa, while native to India, nowadays being grown in large parts of the southern hemisphere, is one plant that is often overlooked. It is full off vitamin b6, vitamin c and vitamin a. Plus it contains a good amount full of iron and riboflavin.

But the magic comes with its antioxidants. ✨Quercetin for instance, a plant pigment, is one of those antioxidants. Quercetin has its hype recently, being part of lots of anti-viral prophylaxis protocols. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory effects and may even kill cancer cells. ?

Due to these mentioned ingredients and other plant compounds, generally speaking, moringa may also help reducing blood sugar and lower cholesterol. ?

So brewing a fresh cup of moringa leave tea or mixing up some moringa powder in a smoothie every now and then is a good idea. ?✨

Guyabano Health Benefits ?

This fruit has tons of names. While the botanical name is Annona Muricata, depending on where in the tropical world you are, the more comon names are Soursop, Graviola, Guanabana or, like we call it here in the Philippines – Guyabano.

While the fruit itself tastes just deliciously sweet and sour, tea made out of the tree leafes has a bitter tea-ish like taste.

No matter what you prefer, this plant will do good to your body. Various studies have found out, that the plant not only has tons of anti-oxidants, it does also work anti-inflammatory, can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. ?✨

But the main reason that makes Guyabano famous are its anti-cancerous effects. Research has shown, that the Guyabano extrac can kill cancer cells and help to increase the amount of t cells, which also fight cancer cells.

Always when I’m back in the Philippines a guyabano-moringa shake is a must have drink for me ?It’s refreshing and combines both healthy ingredients in one drink ?

Have you ever tried it? ?

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