?Not Only Women, Men Also Successfully Lose Weight With A

?Not only women, men also successfully lose weight with a 21-day smoothie. He lost 13 lbs in 21 days???
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??? My 21 Day Smoothie Diet plan is what I and thousands of you are using to lose an average of 8-16 lbs (4-7kg) in 21 days ??
My plan basically works by replacing 3 meals per day with my detox smoothie recipes + having healthy snacks and the option for a light meal daily too! ?
I’ve put all of the exact recipes you will need ?plus shopping lists?full 21 day step-by-step guide? plus hints and tips? together into an eBook plan, which you can download from my website ??

P.s Don’t worry, my plan is super easy to follow! Even for complete beginners ??You’ll just need a blender, the ingredients I’ve listed in the eBook shopping list (all ingredients available from regular stores) and then to follow the Step-by-Step guide I’ve written for you! ?
You can download the eBook from the link in my bio⬆️?
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