ONE-PAN CHICKEN SAUSAGE ORZO!! ? this meal is quick + easy + delicious. just the kind of meal I’m in need of right now eeeek ?

I’ve been taking advantage of the trader joe’s nearby and I found this recipe on @traderjoesfoodreviews ‘s tiktok! all the ingredients are from trader joe’s, but you can def find everything at any grocery store!

you first add the chicken sausage to the pot with garlic. after sautéing add the orzo and cook for one minute. then add the chicken broth and sun-dried tomato and let simmer until the broth is absorbed and orzo is cooked. then add spinach and parmesan cheese.

that might not be the exact order of the tiktok (and she used cream at the end instead of cheese), but it turned out great and is super customizable! you can def substitute anything with what you already have on hand 🙂 also there are no real measurements, but I did measure one cup orzo haha

let me know what you think!

Recipe: @traderjoesfoodreviews

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