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Please DM / Contact Us Through Whatsapp (Chatlink In Bio

Please DM / contact us through whatsapp (Chatlink in Bio
Ph. +919629621531
Light up your Diwali With Organic Healthy tasty snacks. We use only natural and organic ingredients. We make snacks in cold pressed ground nut oil which is more healthier compared to the refined oil. No refined flour sugar preservatives and taste enhancers. It is equally good to children and elders.
Customised snacks combo packs are available
100 nos Organic Millet/red rice/ organic rice Murukku Rs. 800 only.
50 millet / rice athirsam Rs 650 0nly
A combo of various Murukku and other snacks varieties are also available

Box Of Joy (completely organic)

Our best organic healthy tasty snacks are now in one box of Joy. This beautiful healthy delicious snack box is a great gift idea for your loved ones, family, friends, employees, customers guests on this auspicious Diwali. All our snacks are completely organic equally good for children and elders
?Free shipping inside Tamilnadu ?

100% Natural & Handmade & Home made
No artificial flavours or Preservatives or taste enhancers.
Made in cold pressed ground nut oil and pure ghee.
All ingredients used are certified organic and natural products.

Place your order before 25th Oct 2021.

Box Of Joy Big. Rs. 999 only
Inside the Box:
1. Organic Rice Murukku 15 nos
2. Organic Millet Murukku 15 nos
3. Organic Millet athirasam 10 nos
4. Organic Rice Athirasam 10 nos
5. Organic Rice Ribbon pakoda 200 gm
6. Organic Millet Karasev. 200 gm
7. Organic Rice Seedai. 200 gm
8. Organic Green gram laddoo 7 no
9. Organic Millet Ladoo 7no
10 Organic Millet Manolam Jaggery 200g

Box of Joy Regular Rs. 599 only
Inside the Box:
1. Organic Rice Murukku 10 nos
2. Organic Millet Murukku. 10 nos
3. Organic Rice Athirasam 6 nos
4. Ribbon pakkoda 200g
5. Seedai. 100 g
6. Green gram laddoos 7 nos
7. Organic Millet Manolam 200g

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