Shrimp Avocado Bowl For When You’re Lazy But Craving Sushi

Shrimp avocado bowl for when you’re lazy but craving sushi ?? Yes there is brown spots on the avocado but no I don’t care, it may not have been aesthetically pleasing but it sure as tasty?

It’s also super easy to make! I didn’t include the sauces in the photo but they will be included in the recipe below ?

•Rice (I use white but you can use whatever)
•Frozen shrimp
•Salt to taste
•Pepper to taste
•Soy sauce (or coconut aminos as an alternative)
•Sweet and spicy Thai sauce (you can use whatever sauce you want, Siracha mayo works great too!)
•Optional: cucumber slices

1) Sauté shrimp on medium heat, careful not to overcook. Season to your liking, I used a bit of salt and pepper
2) Cook your rice.
3) Slice avocado.
4) Optional: slice cucumber
5) Assemble rice, shrimp, avocado and cucumber on top
6) Add your sauces
7) Mix and enjoy!?

Protein✅ Healthy fat ✅ Carb✅ balanced meal ✅

Reminder: food does not have to be the most complicated recipe to taste amazing! And it also doesn’t always need to look like it was assembled at a 5 star restaurant ?

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