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Mushrooms Galore! There Were 2 Sections Of Mushrooms At Thi

Mushrooms galore! There were 2 sections of mushrooms at this grocery store. Wow! Focus on the perimeter of the grocery store as that’s where all the fresh stuff is displayed. Local and in season now include: ✅squash, pumpkin and beets ✅Swiss chard, kale, leeks ✅apples, cranberries, pears ✅Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli ✅Eggplant, herbs ✅Mushrooms, …

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Σούπα κολοκύθας ? ?

Σούπα κολοκύθας ? ? Υλικά: ?Κολοκύθα ?Καρότο ?Κρεμμύδι ?Σέλερι ?Ελαιόλαδο ?Μέντα (προαιρετικά) ?Κολοκυθόσπορος (για το σερβίρισμα) ??‍? Κόβουμε την κολοκύθα σε κυβάκια και την ψήνουμε ??‍? Ψιλοκόβουμε το καρότο, το κρεμμύδι, το σέλερι και τη μέντα και τα βράζουμε ??‍? Μόλις ψηθεί η κολοκύθα, την προσθέτουμε στα υπόλοιπα υλικά ??‍? Χτυπάμε με το μπλέντερ χειρός …

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Carrot Zucchini Bread ?

Carrot zucchini bread ? Carrot zucchini bread is highly nutritious, so if you’re looking to add vegetables into your diet then this is the recipe for you! The taste of veggies blends well, making a soft flavor. Honestly, it takes like carrot cake! You can also add some walnuts for a crunchy texture. ? Ingredients: …

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@revivesuperfoods Thanks for sending me these wonderful products. Revive Superfoods takes care of the chopping, prepping, portioning – so all you have to do is add liquid and blend! Revive Superfoods smoothies are SO easy and delicious, just add liquid and blend. Packed with nutrients and tastes INCREDIBLE! They include ready-to-blend nutritious and super delicious …

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