Tonight’s Vibe: Pasta & Homework (we Love It)

tonight’s vibe: pasta & homework (we love it)

swipe to see my *attempt* at being a pro chef ~ s/o to @fatboywoodentable for teaching me how to flip my veggies. not a pro like you yet bro but i’ll get there one day

– @eatbanza chickpea pasta (if you haven’t tried it yet 10/10 recommend tastes just like regular pasta but w like double the protein)
– peas
– carrots
– cauliflower
– broccoli
– kale
– ground chicken
– marinara sauce
&& seasonings of course? (just a blend of italian seasonings, salt&pepper)

I eat this like every day bc I’m lazy and am *slightly* obsessed with pasta. It’s super easy& packed w tons of tasty nutrients.

I recommend adding tahini if you have any to make it creamy&even more delicious

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