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“We are always inventing new recipes in the kitchen to create good clean food that has no added chemicals or flavours. We wear multiple hats and bring all that passion, creativity and dedication to prove that even small, ethical businesses can survive and thrive. The Huda Bar is a kitchen laboratory that makes food that is of the best quality, tastes yummy and is quite creative. It is a labour of love and necessity. We believe in compassionate and conscious eating and in doing so, helping the planet as well. This is exactly what gave birth to our signature line of organic and wonderful energy bars -The Huda Bar, and have since expanded our menu greatly. Breakfast on the move, on the road, healthy tea time snacks, fresh organic produce and more – we’ve got you covered. Our guarantee: Nothing but the ingredients listed. You eat what our friends and family eat.”

– Pratibha Panth and Huda Masood, Maker of @thehudabar

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