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You Guys Know I Love A Good Cocktail ? Especially One Tha

You guys know I love a good cocktail ? Especially one that can be made in the comfort of my own home with real, fresh ingredients!!! ??? I’ve recently found @freshvictorcocktails and quickly became obsessed. Fresh Victor makes cold pressed mixers that go with any spirit and they only use fresh and simple ingredients that I feel good about consuming ?They have a variety of yummy flavors to choose from so you can make any different cocktail you like! (Can’t wait to get my hands on more). I made a festive Cinnamon Whiskey Sour with their Lemon Sour mixer & it only took about 60 seconds to make! Only requires a few ingredients and it makes for a delicious flavor. Just call me the bartender thanks to @freshvictorcocktails and check out the yummy recipe below! ⁣??

Here’s what you’ll need:⁣
?2 oz Fresh Victor Lemon Sour mixer ⁣
?2 oz of your favorite Whiskey ⁣
?1 egg white ⁣
?A dash of cinnamon ⁣
?Cinnamon sticks, optional ⁣

How to make:⁣
Add your Fresh Victor Lemon Sour Mix, Whiskey and egg white and a dash of cinnamon to a shaker and shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds to activate the egg white. ⁣
After the liquid is shaken for 30-60 seconds, add ice and shake again briefly ⁣
Pour into your favorite glass, top with cinnamon and cinnamon sticks if you’d like and ENJOY ⁣

You can purchase all of the seven Fresh Victor mixers online at! ⁣
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